Because You Made Him Cry, I Let My Six Year Old Do the Recap

  • Why is Jonathan Quick eating his jersey?"
  • "Have the Kings ever scored?"
  • "He said Atlanta Flames."
  • "Do they know about shooting?"
  • "Is this a new game or a classic from when they were bad?"
  • "The Kings' power play is not fair. They're supposed to have more people!"
  • "Is this happening right now? Can we skip to the win?"
  • "That's not how you're supposed to skate."
  • "The game's not over yet! It's not over!" [I turned the TV off after the empty net goal]
  • "It's not fair that they make the Kings pull the goalie. They should make the team that's winning pull the goalie."

My own thoughts after the jump:

  • The short-handed goal was bad, but wouldn't have been a problem if the power-play wasn't worse. Same trouble as last night, but we weren't so lucky. Trying too hard to make the perfect play. Williams' goal last night was just elbow grease. More of that. Less of the standing around telegraphing passes to people who are just as covered as you are.
  • Must dress Loktionov and put him on the PP.
  • Richardson played well, I thought. But he just isn't a top-six forward. It's not his fault. But that line needs someone who can finish.
  • Must dress Loktionov and put him on the second line.
  • Brown and Kopitar? Still not working. Give it a few games I guess, but I would be happy to swap Brown and Williams right now. Loktionov/Stoll/Brown.
  • Westgarth looked like the Westgarth I remember tonight. I don't know why he dressed when Ivanans is out.
  • I liked Clifford/Schenn/Richardson tonight. Do that on Tuesday. (Even Clifford/Schenn/Lewis would be an upgrade.)
  • I might even try Smyth/Stoll/Brown and Loktionov/Kopitar/Williams. Actually, yes. That's my request.
  • Unless Bernier was off his angle (which I don't think he was) or the puck didn't go off Drewiske (Murray seems to think it was deflected; Jim Fox said the replay looked like it wasn't; I watched the same replay Fox did -- over and over -- and I couldn't tell), I'm going to lay the blame for that goal at the feet of Stoll/Williams, for not getting the puck in deep, and Richardson, for coasting (literally not even taking strides) when he could have caught Conroy, or at least given him a run for his money.
  • Jake Muzzin had a more confident game tonight. Nice hit.

  • Is Rob Scuderi okay, after blocking that shot? Haven't heard anything.
  • Just read a Murray quote about the weak zone entry that lead to the second goal. I wonder if Stoll or Williams will visit the fourth line for the home opener. Loktionov/Schenn/Brown? At this point, any line that starts off Loktionov/Schenn sounds pretty good. Loktionov/Schenn/Makela. See? Even that sounds good.
  • That was not HD. And for those of you who commented (here and elsewhere) that it was a "Canadian feed," check out any of these clips from CBC. Those look HD to me.
    p.s. my kid is still awake. One in the morning. Thanks, guys.