Bernier v. Quick in Manchester


33 games / 17-13-2 record / 2.32GAA .922 SV% ('07, 19g), 2.68 GAA .919 SV% ('08, 14g)


67 games / 30-28-6 record / 1.63GAA, .946 SV% ('07, 3g), 2.40GAA, .914 SV% ('08, 54g), 1.67GAA, .953 SV% ('09, 10g)

Observations: Bernier has played twice as many AHL games. Bernier has a better GAA and SV% at the AHL level. And keep in mind with SV% that Bernier faces fewer shots than Quick, all things being equal, because Bernier gives up fewer rebounds than Quick. Last season, at the time of Quick's call-up to the Kings, it was noted somewhere that Quick was facing 6 more shots per game than Bernier, and this was attributed to the fact that Quick himself was creating these extra shot opportunities.

How much more seasoning does Bernier need before he's called up? I'm not saying it's necessary now, or even desirable. But ask me after Christmas.