Bitz's Dangerous Hit On Clifford: Hearing Set, Suspension Coming? [Update: 2 Games]

Rarely-used fourth liner Byron Bitz of the Vancouver Canucks received a five minute major and a game misconduct for his dangerous hit to Kyle Clifford's head last night at 12:12 of the second period, taking a few strides to slam Clifford face-first into the glass. Clifford first sat dazed on the bench for a time, then left the game for good.

The Kings are listing him as suffering an "Upper body injury," AKA "His brain was rattled." This would not be the young winger's first concussion.

Here's the video:

A disciplinary hearing with the Department of Player Safety is happening this afternoon. We should hear the results shortly.

Earlier today, Shea Weber was fined $2,500 (the maximum under the CBA) for shoving Zetterberg's face into the glass.

What do you think will happen here? A slap on the wrist, or the first suspension of the playoffs? Wheel. Of. Justice!

In any event, the Canucks probably aren't too concerned that a player like Bitz crossed the line and may be suspended for his actions; after all, he's scarcely cracked the lineup for them this season (10 games total). Meanwhile, the Kings might be dealing with the loss of one of their fourth line regulars.

More updates as they come.

What punishment do you think Bitz should receive? What do you expect the final ruling to be? [*Per Jim Fox, it appears to be two games.]

What should Bitz get?

One game24
Two games or more85
Being flattened (legally) by Mike Richards33
Nothing; I want him to play because that hurts the Canucks35