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Three days ago:


How I read the tea leaves

  • Lombardi is about to make an offer, maybe going up to $7MM, which would be halfway to the $7.1-$7.2MM that Leiweke implies Doughty is asking for.
  • Leiweke is publicly advising Doughty to accept this compromise, otherwise his teammates will resent him, per above.
  • It makes no sense for Leiweke to lay the groundwork for Doughty to "come home," if they're not then going to follow that up with an offer he's then primed to accept, to "do what he may have to do here, which is stand up and take charge of this decision."
  • My guess is the offer will be $7MM/6yrs. Lombardi relents on the cash, Doughty relents on the term.
  • I have talked myself into this Leiweke interview being reason for hope. I would be willing to bet that some kind of sweetened offer will go to Doughty this week and -- dammit -- this would be the perfect time (actually the last chance) for Doughty to end the stand-off before we start to have to assess damages.
  • I choose to hold out hope that this actually might end by Friday, and I haven't felt that sanguine about the Doughty mess in months, or ever.
  • I am also pretty sure that if Doughty doesn't sign this week, it will be awhile.