Blogging With Jimbo

Quite a few California-ish-based sports bloggers were called upon by Jim Sharp of Fox Sports to answer a few questions for the Fox Sports website. They were a few simple questions and I gladly obliged, but "when the project was complete" he gave just the general FSW site address to view. I'm not sure if he's aware that when you try to search for any derivative of this "project" that nothing substantial comes up. Insanely annoying.

I eventually found the interview he did with the "best Kings blogger." It's only two minutes long with just about the worst intro music I've ever heard. Is this a guy thing? It can't be. Help me out here. Anyway, after watching this video about this guy from the site that will not be named, I'm unbelievably glad the only thing I ended up being a part of was my questionnaire being published on his Blogging With Jimbo site.