BREAKING: Many Teams Hit With Bonus Cushion Penalty

Not only is Chicago's bonus cushion penalty more than estimated (it's at $4.15MM) but eight other teams join the Hawks in having their cap ceiling reduced in 2010-11. Obviously, some of these amounts are trivial, but the Bruins and Leafs ought to feel some pain. Toronto, for example, now has the highest cap hit of any team, at $61.3MM. But that shouldn't be a problem. They can just use the bonus cushion to cover the overage, can't they?

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Following is a complete list of estimates.

1. Chicago Blackhawks, $4,157,753

2. Boston Bruins, $1,759,795

3. Toronto Maple Leafs, $1,400,000

4. Edmonton Oilers, $354,500

5. San Jose Sharks, $327,500

6. Vancouver Canucks, $90,000

7. Pittsburgh Penguins, $83,979

8. Montreal Canadiens, $68,751

9. Detroit Red Wings, $50,000