Game 3 Bullet Points: Are we living the dream?

Are we really one win away from a chance to compete for the ultimate sports prize? Why yes, we are.

I Googled the question, "What takes less than 1 minute and 48 seconds?" and all I got was a cool phone advertisement, and a video on Autism. had a few answers to the question, "What would take two minutes or less?" -- and the best answer was "Sex with me." Dwight King scoring the game winner 1 minute and 47 seconds into the third period wasn't in there.

Heck! even Anze Kopitar took just a little over two minutes to tie the game after Phoenix had taken the lead. Sadly, another answer could be Daymond Langkow scoring 1 minute and 3 seconds into the second, but I didn't want to add that in there.

A few more notes on Game 3:

  • The play Thursday night wasn't as nasty as I thought it would be.
  • Fenwick winners in EV shot differentials for the Kings: Drew Doughty and Justin Williams with a +9. The losers: Jordan Nolan and Brad Richardson at -4.
  • Fenwick winner in EV shot differentials for the Coyotes, Mikkel Boedker with a +7. Losers: Rotislav Klesla, and Taylor Pyatt with -8.
  • Corsi winners for the Kings: Anze Kopitar, and JustinWilliams tied with a +13. The loser was Jordan Nolan with -6.
  • Corsi winner for the Coyotes: Mikkel Boedker with a +8. The loser: Taylor Pyatt with a -11.
  • Coolest part of the game for me was 2 minutes and 7 seconds after Langkow scored on a breakaway. That's how long it took the Kings to have Kopitar do the same thing back to them.
  • The Kings have now outscored Phoenix 10 to 3 so far in this series. Can Phoenix really win four straight? I know! Stupid question, but it feels good to scratch my head when I ask.
  • Darren Panger (who I like) jinxed us when he mentioned the small number of goals Quick has let in. Right as he was finished sharing Quick's playoff statistics with us, Phoenix scored. Damn You NBC!
  • Drew Doughty, Slava Voynov, and Alex Martinez are the puck movers on our defensive pairs. So why does Willie Mitchell have the closest average EV shot distance at 46.6 out of all our D-men? I don't mind, but DD, VV, and A-Mart are supposed to be the go-to guys on offense.

I couldn't decide which interview to leave you with. Alyssa Milano looks hot in a Blackhawks jersey, but my real choices were Dustin Brown vs. Willie Mitchell.

Willie has the cooler beard.