Bullet Points: Cleaning Out My Locker

Not being much for big build-ups -- unless it's a cup run -- here's what you need to know:

  • I'm returning to my little self-run blog. Some of you might remember it.
  • "Some of you" = about five of you, and I could probably name names. But I won't.
  • It used to be called Kings Kool-Aid.
  • Now it's called McSorley's Stick.
  • It is to be found at www.mcsorleys-stick.com.
  • At the new/old blog I will continue to do pretty much what I have done here.
  • Niesy is in charge of Jewels from the Crown now.
  • She is cool and smart.
  • She's got a couple of new bloggers to introduce, but I will leave that to her.
  • Really, I'm not leaving. It's more like the blog has reproduced. Now there are two.
  • I waited until four minutes after midnight, so you would know it's not an April Fool's Joke...