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Calgary Herald: Cammy vows to rebound hahahahahahaha

Dropped into a slippery series hole, frustrated by otherworldly netminding, playoff light growing ever dimmer, Michael Cammalleri insisted he isn’t depressed.

He feels…well . . . fortunate. Blessed even.

“Our mindset is–we better thank our lucky stars that we’re good enough to beat anybody, even down two-oh,” Cammalleri said Saturday after the Calgary Flames fell 3-2–again–to the Chicago Blackhawks in the National Hockey League’s first-round series. “We’re not a team that’s going to get buried. We’ve made it hard on ourselves. We would have liked for that not to have happened . . . but thank goodness this group is confident enough to beat anybody.

“We’ve got five games left– we have to get four wins.”

[five games? Um, probably not]

Countering that optimism with a dash of realism, here’s a fun fact to gnaw on–Chicago, in franchise history, is 16-2 when winning the first two games of a series. Game 3 goes Monday in Calgary.

[also, statistically, if you lose the first two games at home, in 90% of the playoff series ever played…you are done.]

via Cammy and Co. vow to rebound .

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