Can the Kings close it out?

Here's a look at some home vs. road stats for both teams.

  • On the road, the Kings are a perfect 5-0. At home, the Kings are 2-1 (and two of those games were against Vancouver).
  • Though the majority of their games have been played on the road, the Kings have more giveaways at home. 54 of the 82 total combined home/road GvA have come at home (65.8%). They have just 28 giveaways on the road./
  • The St. Louis Blues surprisingly are almost polar opposites to the Kings, having played eight times, five times at home (going 2-3), and three times on the road (going 2-1). The giveaways for the Blues are 18 at home, and 27 on the road, despite St. Louis having played fewer road games.
  • The Kings' offensive output is far different at home than on the road. For whatever reason, the Kings have been far more dangerous on the road, scoring a whopping 18 goals in 5 games (for a 3.4 GF/G average). They have scored just 6 goals at home (2 GF/G average), though 4 of those were against the Blues. /

Since the Kings have only played 3 times at home, and the Blues only 3 times away, it's tough to draw any conclusions. But the Kings do need to step it up on home ice if they want to eliminate the Blues tomorrow. Do you think the Kings can do it, or will this series see a fifth game?

Can the Kings close out the Blues at home?

By the end of the day the Kings will be lining up to shake their hands.55
If they catch a few breaks they might just squeeze by.19
Kings lead the series, but the Blues might just have something to say about that.6
On the road again.3