Canadian Experience #1

Just to let everyone know, I am now in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. Woo! I packed enough for a week away from home and thought I had done a good job in not forgetting anything. Alas, I just found out that I missed something pretty important: the cable connecting my camera and computer. This means, no pictures to post until I get back! Damn. I was hoping to get out picture posts, but that'll have to wait until after the Draft since I'm here until the middle of next week.

With this new knowledge of not being able to share pictures, I will instead lightly document my experiences around the GTA. I'm pretty excited for this first Canadian Experience, which I dub "#1." But first, my red-eye flight out through Chicago's O'Hara went off without a hitch! Woohoo!

Ok, so my first Canadian experience was having lunch at Swiss Chalet. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? I went in with the promise of unbelievably tasty ribs, and I was NOT disappointed. Talk about meat falling off the bone! I totally need to go there again before I leave. Please see the visual representation of what I had (minus the chicken). I was surprised at how luscious the ribs were and how quickly I scarfed them down. Way too good for just one visit. Definitely recommend this place!


And just a side note, after an overnighter and day with Melatonin and Dramamine, respectively, to help with the flight, car sickness, and the time difference, I'm pretty damned beat. Tomorrow morning is the Hockey Hall of Fame, which I absolutely cannot wait for.