Canadian Experience #3

On Sunday, June 20 I went to Fran's Restaurant on College St. next to Maple Leafs Gardens to have breakfast with Pension Plan Puppets. I'm sure the big question on everyone's mind is, "How is the food at Fran's??" Well, I'll say that it's typical diner fare. The orange juice was awesome and the entire restaurant was clean. Boring, huh?

Oh, you wanted to know about PPP? Well, as you can tell from all his posts, he's pretty much your typical well-informed Canadian. He can talk to you on just about every topic you can think of and did I mention that he was just plain nice? It's so funny (and normal) to see that one of the most passionate Leafs fans is your everyday dude walking down the street. Also, I now have a picture with PPP in front of Maple Leafs Gardens. Pretty damned cool, if you ask me.