Canucks Fans Totally Fooled By Fake C.G. Game Six Broadcast

On the heels of a similar stunt two nights before, the Canada-only broadcast of a computer-generated fake Vancouver Canucks victory threw the Canucks fanbase off the scent of the conspiracy against their team. U.S. viewers saw the live feeds of the actual games five and six, in which the Cinderella Kings dispatched the Canucks on the strength of Randy Jones' hattrick and Andrew Albert's handpass from center ice into his own net in OT of the season-ending game for Vancouver. Despite protests from the Canucks that the puck was touched by Roberto Luongo and should have been whistled for a handpass, video review ruled that Luongo never touched the puck and also that video review has jurisdiction over this now. Referee Bill McCreary, who had apparently blown the play dead several seconds before the puck crossed the goal line, determined that he had in fact intended not to blow in his mind. Gary Bettman, Mike Murphy, Philip Anschutz and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke to U.S. viewers at a press conference to express confidence that the right call had been made. Terry Murray gave his team the day off as he and his staff get ready to face their second round opponent, the San Jose Sharks.