Changing the Culture

Lombardi, gone fishing " LA Kings Insider

Lombardi shared his thoughts today about the development camp and the progress he saw…

LOMBARDI: "The one thing I see, in particular, is that the second-year guys — the Kozuns, and even the Toffolis and those guys that got to Manchester in the end [Tyler Toffoli, Brayden Schenn and Jordan Weal joined Manchester after their CHL series were over -- Q] — I’m really impressed by the kids’ commitments. [...] I’m not sure I would have seen this, to this level, six years ago. So it’s starting to filter down. Players have been through it, and it’s handed down, that this is the way you do things. I was really impressed the way these kids have been so focused. I really think our instructors, the development guys, have really — the way they’re working with the coaches now — it’s top-notch. We’re really in sync now, with putting these programs together. All these (workout) stations are going all day, and it goes like clockwork. [...] I think we’re at that level that I’ve always wanted us to get to in this area.

Makes me want to requote the Penner thing. So I will.

Penner talks about summer workouts, expectations " LA Kings Insider

[...] Penner: "Now it’s pretty much an 8 (a.m.) to 2 (p.m.) job. I think a lot of guys who come from other teams, we share that feeling that we weren’t used to this type of intensity. But it’s definitely (a good thing). [...] [T]hese workouts are different than I had encountered before. It’s really exciting to be part of something this special [...].