CHI 3, LAK 1 -- Postgame Bullets

  • I wonder if Bernier's poke-check on Sharp was supposed to avenge the poke-check in the Calgary game. I'm sure he's getting a lot of grief from the message boards for that, but I am not a goalie so I don't know if that's considered an ill-advised move in that situation. Don't tell me, "you have to be sure." That goes without saying. And Scuderi got burned there.
  • I haven't seen so many hilariously close non-goals since Brayden Schenn's first three games.
  • I predict Terry Murray will say "I like our chances." Alternatively, "looks." "We're getting some good looks."
  • As road losses go, that one wasn't too bad. Each team dominated for stretches of the game. If anything, the Kings were a little unlucky. They were moving their feet, etc..
  • Haven't heard about Hossa's status yet, or Hjalmarsson's for that matter. If those guys are hurt, that's a stiff price.
  • Nice check by JJ on whoever batted the puck out of the air.