CHI/ATL trade NOT approved by league -- ATL over 50 contract limit

Updating the Chicago-Atlanta blockbuster proposed trade - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
TSN's Bob McKenzie shared the info he got on what the potential hold up on the deal is through Twitter. As it turns out, it could just be some bookkeeping that needs to be done on Atlanta's side of things. [McKenzie:] It is my understanding Chi-Atl trade hold up is indeed because Atl would have 51 contracts with trade. Atl has to move a contract first.

That's hilarious. Who's going to let Atlanta off the hook? Or will they just buy someone out? [p.s. the 50 contract limit is not just "bookkeeping." That's a CBA circumvention. They're going to have to dump a contract to make it work.]

Probably they'll just add another body to the deal.

[UPDATE: they sent some bodies to San Jose for future considerations. Deal approved.]