Ehrhoff Clears Waivers, Heads to Ontario Reign

A lot of our fellow bloggers wanted him, but a lot of NHL GMs didn't. Mysterious.

Yesterday, Christian Ehrhoff was placed on waivers by the Los Angeles Kings. As we covered yesterday, he wasn't having a terrible season, but the Kings weren't particularly satisfied with his play. However, he can certainly still help an NHL team.

On Wednesday, a number of our fellow SB Nation blogs made their cases as to why picking up Christian Ehrhoff off waivers. was not only an interesting possibility, but a good idea.

Our deepest to apologies to all those blogs, as Ehrhoff and his $1.5 million contract cleared waivers this morning.

BUT WHY? I'm happy about it -- an injury to an existing defenseman means we have a ready-made replacement -- but why? Teams want more.

Hmmm. It's plausible, but LA's not going to agree to use their remaining cap room unless it's a definitive defensive upgrade. (The first reply to Bob's tweet suggests that the Kings trade Ehrhoff AND Pearson for Roman Polak, which probably didn't even deserve to get mentioned in this article.)

But it points to the recent trend with waived players; unless they're a round peg in a round hole, the teams are much less willing to take a chance on a veteran player in decline than the Internet is. It's easy to forget Ehrhoff went unsigned for nearly two months this offseason. If teams didn't want him at $1.5 million then, they're still unlikely to want him for $500K over a third of the season.

Ehrhoff will remain with the Ontario Reign until further notice. At least they got a lot better.