Clarification on the Kings' cap, roster and 50-contract-limit status

Yesterday, the Kings made a trade, adding Stefan Legein from the Flyers, and signed two players, Andy Andreoff and Robert Czarnik. This has led to a bunch of CBA-related confusion on the internets. So, to clear it all up:

  • The Kings are not over the 50 contract limit. They're at 48.
  • This is because players who are 18 or 19 years old and are playing in juniors do not count against the 50 contract limit.
  • Three players signed by the Kings fit that description.
  • Andy Andreoff is not one of them. He is 20 years old.
  • Andy Andreoff is not in Manchester. He is in Oshawa of the OHL and will play his first game tomorrow.
  • The three players whose contracts don't count are Tyler Toffoli, Jordan Weal and Alex Roach.
  • Some have mentioned that when Jake Muzzin comes off IR, that will take another x dollars out of the Kings quickly dwindling cap space. Muzzin came off the IR four days ago, and was assigned to Manchester. So his cap hit is not an issue.
  • Colin Fraser, per Rich Hammond, is healthy now, which means he will be added to the active roster soon. However, people keep saying Fraser is or was on IR. He wasn't. He is/was "Injured Non-Roster."
  • What's the difference between Injured Reserve and Injured Non-Roster? Not much. Fraser is non-roster because he wasn't on the Kings roster after the trade deadline last season. In other words, you can't go to a team's IR without first being on the team's active roster.
  • As far as I can tell, Injured Reserve and Injured Non-Roster function in the same way and confer the same benefits, so what the point of Injured Non-Roster is, I have no idea. I'm sure there is one. (One "difference" is that you don't have to wait till 8 days after the initial injury to activate a player who is Injured Non-Roster -- but since such players would have to have been injured weeks or months prior, what's does it matter?)
  • As I noted in the last post, with Fraser added to the active roster, the Kings will need to drop another player to stay within the 23 player limit. This move will necessarily be made before, or at the latest simultaneously with, activating Fraser.
  • Activating Fraser does not affect the Kings' cap situation (i.e. payroll room, cap space) since Injured Non Roster (and players on IR) already count against the cap. So his cap hit does not have to be "added in."
  • Including Fraser, I have the Kings' cap hit at $62.556MM, with cap room of $1.744MM. Cap Geek is still counting Muzzin as being on IR, which he isn't as of five days ago. For some reason, they show the Kings having $1.56MM in cap room, which is $184K less room than in my calculation. Go figure. My numbers are correct, though some of the individual cap figures are rounded to the nearest 1000 dollars.