CONTEST: Name Lombardi's Picks

Here are the rules: If you want to play, submit 12 names. Not in any order. Just 12 names. Why 12? I don't know. That's how many I have. My own personal goal is to see if I can name even one guy who will end up Kings' property by Saturday afternoon. (I'm also wondering if anyone besides me will enter this contest; feel free to watch from the sidelines as I twist in the wind.)

  1. Nick Bjugstad
  2. Brad Ross
  3. Curtis Hamilton
  4. John Ramage
  5. Kevin Gravel
  6. Philip Lane
  7. Raman Hrabarenka
  8. Gregg Sutch
  9. Justin Florek
  10. Pat Mullane
  11. Michael Bournival
  12. Louis-Marc Aubry

Winner gets a signed pastel portrait of Ryan Smyth by RudyKelly, though I don't even know if he can draw and I haven't asked him yet.