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Crown Conversations

Crown Conversations: Facts on Foxy (pt 2)

The long awaited and much anticipated sequel to the Jim Fox interview is finally here for your listening pleasure

Crown Conversations: Facts on (Jim) Fox, Part 1

Famed LA Kings broadcaster Jim Fox joins Crown Conversation to discuss his career, his wine, and his colorful analysis style.

Crown Conversations: Viktorious Trade Edition!

The Los Angeles Kings sent a couple of their own draft picks east to Nashville in exchange for a new Swedish forward.

Crown Conversations: Battle of the Kings Postmortem

A very special, not-dead guest from the now dead BOC blog joins the podcast to recap the Kings’ season.

Crown Conversations: Quack Quack, It’s Freeway Faceoff Time!

CJ Woodling from Crash the Pond joined the podcast to talk about why the Ducks are so bad and what to expect from this series (recorded on 4/27).

Crown Conversations: Trade Deadline Sadness Day

Sarah A. once again joins James and Robyn to discuss the Kings’ latest trades and grade their deadline day performance.

Crown Conversations: Trade deadline and identity issues

Sarah joins James and Robyn to figure who, exactly, is this team and discuss Rob Blake’s moves ahead of the trade deadline and then ponder what the Brendan Lemieux trade means to the club’s new culture.

Crown Conversations: Sucker Punch to the Heart, Pt. 3

The season is half over, so James and Robyn take a numbers-focused look at the Kings to answer the question: are they at least trending in the right direction?

Crown Conversations: Stress and Streakiness

The Kings (and the Reign) are frustratingly inconsistent and watching the games can sometimes be hard on the heart.

Crown Conversations: Previewing the NWHL and the Quest for the Cup

Analyst and media member Erica Ayala joins Crown Conversations to look at the NWHL’s abbreviated season and the crazy next two weeks to follow on these women’s journey to glory as they fight to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

Crown Conversations: New Year, New Podcast

It’s an ADD episode as we hit on a myriad of topics ranging from World Juniors to NHL training camp and the Red Wings’ defense?

Crown Conversations: Merry Fistmas!

Happy Festivus, Happy Hanukkah, and happy holidays to all from Crown Conversations. Come for the big announcement, stay for the discussion on the most memorable fights and chirps.

Crown Conversations: Reverse Retro Jerseys Part 2: The Second Part

We are back with the second part of our podcast in which James says a naughty word and we grade Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg’s jerseys.

Crown Conversations: Reverse Retro Jerseys Part 1: The First Half

The highly (somewhat?) anticipated reverse retro jerseys have all been revealed and the verdict is in. Do you agree with our takes?

Crown Conversations Episode 43: NHL Draft Wrap Up

Though the NHL Entry Draft concluded with a marathon length second day, the Los Angeles Kings appear to have used their time wisely and selecting some intriguing prospects.

Crown Conversations Episode 42: Mascot Lawsuit and Draft Preview

On Friday, the Los Angeles Kings quietly announced that they fired Tim Smith, the man in the Bailey suit. Plus, what could they do at the upcoming entry draft?

Crown Conversations Episode 41: Stanley Cup Final, Dallas Stars Edition

Everything you wanted to know (and more) about the Dallas Stars and how they stack up against the Tampa Bay Lightning in a deep south Cup Final.

Crown Conversations Episode 40: Stanley Cup Final, Tampa Bay Edition

Checking in with a member from Raw Charge to talk about all things Tampa Bay and their run to the Stanley Cup.

Crown Conversations Episode 34: A Reigny Day in LA

Zach Dooley joins us to talk about Ontario’s playoff push and what’s behind the turnaround in their season

Crown Conversations Episode 32: Trade Deadline Day Bonanza, Pt. 2

We’re back with the second part of our podcast, talking about Vegas’ two-headed monster and how Bob Murray is the ultimate capitalist GM.

Crown Conversations Episode 32: Trade Deadline Day Bonanza Pt. 1

Join James, Robyn, and Sarah as they discuss Tyler Toffoli and laugh through their pain.

Crown Conversations Episode 29: Women’s Hockey Weekend Fun

The NWHL are holding their All Star weekend while USA and Canada are squaring off in their rivalry series

Crown Conversations Episode 28: Back from the (NHL All Star) Break

The Kings are back from their All Star break but not much has changed and also, the 2020 AHL All Star weekend in Ontario was a lot of fun!

Crown Conversations Episode 27: Oh, How Swede the Future Looks

Our man in Europe, Patrik, joins us to discuss the Kings’ top three Swedish prospects

Crown Conversations Episode 26: Sucker Punch to the Heart Part 2: More Heartache

James and Robyn check in to discuss the Kings, ongoing disappointment, and Adam Sandler.

Crown Conversations Episode 25: Florida Panthers

New coach! New goalie! A short discussion of the who’s (wait, really WHO?) who of the Florida Panthers and what this team is like.

Crown Conversations Episode 24: Kings East (AKA Flyera aka Flyers) Preview

Talking Mike Richards, Travis Konecny, and Andy Andreoff as well as what to expect from a team that tends to struggle on the road.

Crown Conversations Episode 23: Happy Holidays, Don’t Get Blue(s)

Sarah and I chat for a bit then I preview the St. Louis Blues game with Laura from St. Louis Game Time

Crown Conversations Episode 22: Boom Goes the Cannon! (CBJ Preview)

In the penultimate game of this road trip, the Kings are in Ohio to take on the streaky and somewhat mystifying Blue Jackets.

Crown Conversations Episode 21: Boston Bruins

Jesus, a plate of spaghetti, and a rat walk into a bar and score about hundred goals.

Crown Conversations Episode 20: Pittsburgh Penguins

It’s all things cute and fuzzy flightless birds in the latest episode of CC!

Crown Conversations Episode 19: Shhhhoooooork

For the first time this season, the Kings square off against their bitter rivals to the north and hope to beat an underperforming Martin Jones