Crown Conversations Episode 28: Back from the (NHL All Star) Break

The Kings are back from their All Star break but not much has changed and also, the 2020 AHL All Star weekend in Ontario was a lot of fun!

Sarah and Robyn team up once again to discuss the Los Angeles Kings’ three games since returning from break in which they have won only once and been not-good in the other two games.

The Kings clearly struggled to keep up against the far superior Tampa Bay Lightning, despite gaining an early 2-0 lead. Is a full-scale rebuild the answer or is this holding pattern of being Not Bad But Not That Good, Either okay? Are the kids in the prospect pipeline the answer?

Plus, if you’ve never been to an AHL game, you should go! And if your city has a chance to host an AHL All Star Game, you should definitely go because of how accessible it is.


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