Crown Conversations Episode 29: Women’s Hockey Weekend Fun

The NWHL are holding their All Star weekend while USA and Canada are squaring off in their rivalry series

It’s a big weekend for women’s hockey! The National Women’s Hockey League will be showcasing their stars’ talent with the All Star weekend at Warrior Arena in Boston, MA while USA’s and Canada’s National Women’s Teams are squaring off in the final game of this west coast rivalry series down in Anaheim, CA.

Eleni from The Ice Garden joins Crown Conversations to discuss the top players to watch for USA and Canada and she previews the AS weekend for the NWHL. Hilary Knight, Marie-Philip Poulin, Jillian Dempsey and Madison Packer are among the big names heading up this exciting women with lots of women’s hockey.

The Rivalry Series will be featured on the NHL Network and the NWHL can be found on And if you want a more in-depth look into the NWHL and its streaming partnership with Twitch, you can find it here.

Buy your tickets to the NWHL All Star weekend here and you can get your Rivalry Series tickets here.

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