Crown Conversations Episode 36: Black Lives Matter

Matt Esteves from Raw Charge joins us to talk about current events and equality in the NHL

We’re officially not sticking to sports anymore. Matt Esteves from Raw Charge joins me to discuss recent events in the U.S. as well as diversity in the NHL, from Auston Matthews to P.K. Subban and why there are so few players of color.

One thing before we started, though: I didn’t mention Ahmaud Arbery because I had found a list of people who were killed by the police. The men accused killing of Arbery are a former Glynn County Police Department officer (retired) and his son, not on-duty law enforcement officers as in the case of George Floyd and others this year.

As a privileged person with a platform, this is an opportunity for me to stand up for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and show my solidarity. Matt and I discuss racism, how to be a better ally, and how hockey is such a niche sport. As promised in my podcast, I have included resources for other folks to educate themselves.

By being ignorant, I’ve been a part of the problem for too long. It’s going to take time and we may mess up, but if we start by educating ourselves (and not asking our BIPOC friends to hold our hands while we do it), we can all make a change for the better.

Here’s a great thread to get you started:

Here’s a fantastic Google Doc with more information on how to get involved, who to contact, where to donate, and Black businesses to buy from and here are some carrds on how you can help.

Check out this reading list to help you do the work when the media attention fades and everyone resumes their busy lives.

Jashvina Shah (@icehockeystick) put together a fantastic website on How to Be an Ally and Renee Hess has a whole link tree to aid you in your fight against systemic injustices.

This individual below made a great presentation that breaks it down in easy to understand bits of information about WHY Black lives matter.

A few social media handles to follow (note: THIS IS A VERY INCOMPLETE LIST)

Remember, these folks listed above are not here to be your nannies and babysit you. They have already done the work of educating and you can purchase (or borrow from your local library if available) their books, download their podcasts, or make a donation. Check out their Instagrams and Twitters and see what they’ve already said in the past. Yes, all lives matter; but no lives matter until Black lives matter.

And if you have any questions, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you do need someone to hold your hand, I’m more than happy to help where I can! I’m by no means an expert, but if we do this together, we can ensure that ALL lives, INCLUDING Black lives, will matter.