Crown Conversations Episode 37: The Rosen Retrospective

It’s a rambling retrospective about the loss of Jon Rosen, as former LA Kings Insider Assistant James Nicholson joins CC to talk about JR and the Kings.

The worst year ever for sports somehow managed to get even worse when the news came out that the Los Angeles Kings parted ways with a number of incredible people from Mike Futa, Mike Stothers and even Jon Rosen. It’s unfortunate, but sports is a business and when there is no business, sucky things have to happen.

On this episode of Crown Conversations, Sarah and James join me to look back at James’ time with the Kings and reflect on the amazing personality that Jon always managed to bring to his writing. He will surely be missed and we hope he doesn’t land anywhere we’d hate to follow him (ahem Anaheim Ducks, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin ... really, anywhere else in the Big Ten outside of Pennsylvania State University) mostly for the rivalry aspects. James shares some fun stories and Sarah reveals how much Jon’s writing influenced her to join the dark side.

Jon, we’ll miss you and are grateful for everything you brought to the LA Kings. We wish you all the best of luck in the future and we’ll follow you wherever you go, even if it’s (sigh) Anaheim.

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