A few quick observations on tonight's game and the end of the 2009-2010 season.

  • Did anyone else hear Roenick say, "In hockey we say, let's play to win, not play not to win"?
  • This was immediately followed by Mike Milbury referring to the Black Hawks as "the blacks."
  • I'm sorry it didn't go seven games.
  • Glad that the Kings pick (from Philly in the Denis Gauthier trade) stays at #59. It would have dropped to #60 had they won the cup. Also glad that Philly's playoff run caused the pick they traded to Anaheim, which two months ago was set to be #13 overall, to drop all the way to #29.
  • Too bad Carter couldn't get that shot up at the end of regulation.
  • I don't like that ubiquitous paddle-down one leg vertical one leg horizontal posture, and Leighton illustrated exactly why.
  • I felt bad for Brian Boucher, when they showed him on the bench and you could see his lips form the words, "is it a goal? is it a goal?" At that moment, he wasn't an adult professional athlete. He was about six years old. I felt horrible for him.
  • I thought Kane and Quenneville seemed genuinely happy, or maybe it's just that they were able to express it. The rest of the Hawks just seemed to be trying to perform the best battle-cry hoist-the-cup moment for some future commercial.
  • Sopel seemed happy, too. But I don't understand when he turned into a caveman. He wasn't a caveman when he was a King, was he? He would look perfect with a giant turkey leg in one hand.
  • Congratulations Black Hawks. Anaheim, Carolina and Tampa welcome you to the club of one-and-done cup-winners. Set the counter at $13MM, because that's how much cap space you need to clear. Let the dismantling begin. Yeah, yeah, I know. "They'll figure out a way." (Wanna bet?)
  • It's a different era, I know, but whenever I see a cup celebration I always think of this clip. No hollow war-cries, just one happy kid. At about 4:20.