Daily Links: Court Jester Edition (4/19/12)

Are you ready for some news?

Game 4 Roundup

  • The Canucks avoided elimination last night; Kings' series lead is now 3-1 [Vancouver Sun] [Los Angeles Times] [AP]
  • Chris Lund offers another solid recap from a neutral perspective. [Backhand Shelf]
  • The Kings out-chanced Vancouver 21-14 [Canucks Army]
  • With Schneider the presumed starter going forward, trade talk on Luongo springs up [VS] [Globe & Mail]
  • Few teams have come back from the brink, but they found a statistician to point out "It's not impossible" [Metronews.ca] It's good to know the important stats are covered.
  • Brown didn't get hit too hard but just for fun, imagine the hysteria if he'd done that to Sedin. [Puck Daddy]
  • Why the long wait until Sunday? Blame Coldplay! [ProHockeyTalk]
  • Rudy Kelly gets into the recapping biz [Battle of California]
  • Finally, coach Sutter has the best assessment of the night. Worth watching for his facial expressions alone. [LAKI transcript]

Injury Updates

Court Jester

And now we must discharge a debt of honor. Please check out these articles by Sharks blogger and Wiki-pirate extraordinaire Megalodon, the best writer at BoC. I know, I know; he's an exinct fish with poor taste in teams. But his sense of humor makes a trip over well worth it. Just know that BoC is cesspool before you click.

  • A historic tour through Winnipeg: everything you didn't want to know about that frosty, stabbity city in the north: "I assumed that most of the crime in Winnipeg was probably minor Canadian stuff. You know what I mean: driving while under the influence of poutine, moose-jackings, stuff like that." Boy was he wrong...
    Wiki-Sharks! A run through Wikipedia's facts about the players. Logan Couture's brother gets the legal department involved. Ruh roh!
  • Brent Burns' sex pants: a detailed guide. His Twitter is the best thing that ever happened to BoC after burritos./

How does he come up with these things all by himself? Ask Meg!

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