Do the Kings have an unhealthy attraction to Philly castoffs?

It has been noted that DL and TM appear to have a preference for personnel who have some kind of Flyers affiliation. The usual evidence cited is Denis Gauthier, Ron Hextall, Terry Murray, Kyle Calder, Handzus and (now) Justin Williams. Without knowing the answer beforehand, it occurred to me to look at the Kings' roster and staff with an eye toward where these people actually come from.

Dean Lombardi - SJS GM/asst GM, PHI scout, Minnesota North Stars (MNS) asst GM

Terry Murray - PHI coach/asst coach/scout/player, WAS coach, FLA coach

Jamie Kompon - STL asst coach

Mark Hardy - LA, NYR, MNS (as player); CHI, LA (as asst coach)

Nelson Emerson - STL, WIN, HAR, CAR, CHI, OTT, ATL, LA (as player); LA (asst coach)

Ron Hextall - PHI, QUE, NYI (as player); LA (asst GM)

Bill Ranford - BOS, WSH, DET, EDM, TBL (as player); LA (goalie coach)

Kopitar - LA

Brown - LA

Williams - PHI, CAR, LA

Handzus - PHI, CHI, PHX, STL, LA

Frolov - LA

Simmonds - LA

Moller - LA

Purcell - LA

Calder - CHI, PHI, DET, LA

Stoll - EDM, LA

Richardson - COL, LA

Ivanans - LA

Westgarth - LA

Zeiler - LA

Armstrong - NYI, OTT, NYR, LA

Doughty - LA

Johnson - LA

Quincey - DET, LA

Greene - EDM, LA


Harrold - LA

Gauthier - CGY, PHX, PHI, LA

Preissing - SJS, OTT, LA

Boyle - LA

Moulson - LA

Lewis - LA

Drewiske - LA

Quick - LA

Ersberg - LA

Bernier - LA


McCauley - SJS, LA

Cloutier - VAN, LA

Nagy - PHX, DAL, LA

Thornton - SJS, EDM, LA

Willsie - COL, WSH, LA

Stuart - SJS, BOS, CGY, LA

Ellis - DET, LA

Klemm -COL, CHI, DAL

Aubin - TOR, PIT, LA

Among players, PHI and SJS are represented four times. CHI, DET, COL, EDM, PHX and STL are each represented three times. Note that some players played for several of these teams (e.g. Handzus, Calder). So there is sort of an argument that DL favors Philly in some way, which makes a certain amount of sense, since he worked there, as did TM. But it would be nearly as plausible to argue that he has a Detroit fixation, or an Edmonton fixation. Really, if DL had been GM in EDM and TM coached in DET, wouldn't we now be talking about their unhealthy Oilers/Wings fixations, due to Greene, Stoll, Quincey and Ellis?

I don't think there's much there, other than the obvious observation that one naturally builds relationships where one works, and takes those relationships with him to the next job.