Dreeeeewwwwwww (Doughty Bobblehead)

You know you need a tiny Drew Doughty in your life.

Dreeeeewwwwwww (Doughty Bobblehead)

Are you like most sports fans, with an extensive bobblehead collection?

Do you like limited edition things?

Do you dream of walking past a shelf in your Kings Cave or Sports Lair or whatever and going "Dreeeewwwwwww" at it, much to the confusion of your family members?

Well, thanks to FOCO, you can do that with their limited edition 2012 Champion Drew Doughty bobblehead. Our little elite defenseman stands at a highly appropriate eight inches tall and is a limited edition of just 72. FOCO's newest creation retails for $70 and is available now.

FOCO also sells other Kings bobbleheads, gear, and accessories, and in fact has cool stuff for pretty much any sports team you can think of. (I may or may not be eyeing their new Snoopy product lineup...)