Drew Doughty Delights at 2015 All Star Fantasy Draft

Drew Doughty was funny and entertaining and really loved the spotlight.

Thanks to the lockout and the Olympics, we haven't had an NHL All Star draft in two years so I looked it up on youtube and was quite bored. I didn't sense much snark and it was about as dry as the summer entry draft. The trade feature was brought back this year and Nick Foligno was more than happy to take advantage of it - but more on that later.

The rosters for both teams can be found here.

Drew Doughty is probably one of the most accomplished 25 year-olds on the planet with two championship titles and two Olympic gold medals under his belt but was making his first All-Star Game appearance so it was interesting to see how things would go. Let's just say he's not shy.

However, not to be outdone, Alex Ovechkin, insisted on going last overall and kept up the ruse all evening. SBN NHL has a round up of his greatest moments.

But when Ovi wasn't the center of attention, Doughty (mostly) was. Ryan Getzlaf gave him a helping hand in the first round when he told Drew that "this wasn't the Price is Right." Being that he's 25 and likely didn't grow up with the show, I'm not sure Doughty actually got the reference. He laughed but looked confused (not an unusual look for our boy Drew).

The thing is... The mics were always hot and despite knowing this, Doughty rarely stopped talking which made for some very good TV.

In the third round, Team Foligno picked Anze Kopitar and Doughty got a chance to return some of Getzlaf's biting words. Some funny twitter commentary did come out of this, though.

It didn't take long before more shenanigans were had. I guess Doughty was asking Foligno about his marital status when they realized their turn was up.


One of my favorite (and best IMO) moments came in one of the later rounds when they selected Marc-Andre Fleury.

Shortly after that, they brought out the four (sober) rookies who all appeared to be very uncomfortable and like they were in front of a firing squad. Laughter ensued when Doughty loudly complained about team Jonathan Toews picking the rookie tandem they wanted.


A couple rounds later, Ovi is so smashed, he and Mark Giordano are attempting to prop each other up while being interviewed by Pierre McGuire. So good.

End of the night; third to last pick. Team Foligno is on the clock; Doughty looks like he's in on the world's best secret. Patrick Kane with the dramatic announcement: they took Alex Ovechkin, who is devastated because he really, REALLY wanted that car man.

So here's what we learned tonight: Drunk hockey players are fun. They actually have personalities (though I'm not sure Doughty really needed alcohol to help him be loose) and it all felt very genuine. It wasn't the same old boring crap we've seen in years past.

Post-draft, during the media availability, Doughty insisted that there was only water in the cups, a statement backed up by Foligno and Rick Nash.

Ahh. I reiterate. Doughty is a goddamned delight. (And yes, a complete moron but that's beside the point)