Drew Doughty Leaves Game with "Upper-Body" Injury vs Sharks

No updates as of yet, but Doughty did not return after leaving in the first period.

A little over eight minutes into the first period of tonight's game between the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks, Drew Doughty lined up Tyler Kennedy for a hit in the defensive zone. It was a fairly innocent play, but Doughty appeared shaken up after the contact and headed to the locker room. Here's the play from a couple angles.



They're calling it an upper body injury, though it clearly appears to be in the shoulder/collarbone area. He's not expected to return tonight. [UPDATE: He did not.] Looks like we're gonna have to wait and see how serious it is.

UPDATE PART 2 (11:41 pm Pacific): Hi, John here, and I come baring good news!

Yes, tough to see how this is anything but a good sign. LA and San Jose are all of like an hour apart via plane, so there's really no good reason NOT to send him back to Los Angeles if it isn't serious. It's not confirmation that he's totally fine yet, of course, but I think it's probably okay to inch that finger off the trigger a little bit. I think he's going to be OK.

We'll update again if anything else breaks, of course. For now, go to bed. You are tired. You need to sleep.