Dubinsky faces disciplinary hearing for hit; Scuderi laments "open season" on defensemen

Rob Scuderi returned to the game after being boarded, though he couldn't see out of his swollen eye. Shanahan will call Dubinsky today.

Brandon Dubinsky received a major for boarding Rob Scuderi in the second period of last night's game. Here is a replay of the hit from several angles.

Some have speculated that Dubinsky tried to avoid hitting him full on from behind, and this will work in his favor. It is also his first hearing.

Yet even if we assume the most charitable interpretation of Dubinsky's intent, or fault Scuderi himself for being hunched over at the time, Dubinsky made a choice to follow through with his hit, and that drove Scuderi's head violently into the boards.

Scuderi was angry with the hit after the game, telling the Los Angeles Times most forwards manage to be physical without becoming dangerous:

"I just turned around. Tried to get the loose puck, poke it behind the net to [Drew] Doughty and at that point ... I haven't seen the replay. I don't know if he leaned into me real hard or hit my numbers. But it's a play I do plenty of times and most forwards find a way to be physical but also fair. And I don't think that was the case this time. ... At times, it feels like it's kind of open season on some of the D."

To be frank, I have no idea what ruling to expect from the league here. I thought Jarret Stoll's hit on Cam Fowler would receive a hearing at least, if not a suspension, especially since there was an injury in the case. That didn't happen. According to Jim Fox in his interview with Mayor's Manor, Fowler's abrupt change in motion just before the hit is likely the reason Stoll was spared punishment.

I don't see Scuderi shifting his position or coming to a halt at the last second in this case. Dubinsky follows behind Scuderi for at least five strides before impact.

We will see what Shanahan's call brings. Until then, you make the call. Is this hit worthy of suspension or fine? And as a separate question: What ruling do you think will be handed down by the league?