Quick Intro + Edmonton versus L.A. Summary Game # 21188

Hello everyone!

This is my first post here at JFTC. I'll be bringing you some reports on line matchups and how well they performed in each game, like what you'll see here below.

To track lines and d-pairs, we look at shot differentials. Corsi tracks all shot attempts at even strength (including missed and blocked shots). Here's a quick breakdown on what Corsi is and why it's useful. It gives us a rough estimate of how much time players spent in the offensive zone on the attack.

If anything doesn't make sense or is unclear, please let us know and we'll do our best to clear things up.

I'd also like to add that none of us think that stats are the be all, end all. They are most helpful when used in conjunction with what you've observed through watching the games. It will hopefully add to your enjoyment!

This is how I've been breaking down games over at my old blog. I start with a chart that averages out the Corsi % of each forward and defenseman with their respective partners, like so:

(Sources: Kings Oilers)

The percentage (the Y axis) corresponds to the number of shots that headed in the direction of the opposing net. So for example, you can see above that when L1 (the Kopitar line) was on the ice, 66.9% of all the shots that occurred came from the Kings.

Anything over 50% is good (you're winning the shot battle), and pretty much anything over 60% is dominant.


    1. Shots
    2. H2H
    3. Shifts
    4. Zones
    5. Scoring Chances

Even Strength Line Combinations:

Kings Forwards:

  • L1 = Brown-Kopitar-Richardson
  • L2 = King-Richards-Williams
  • L3 = Penner-Stoll-Lewis
  • L4 = Clifford-Fraser-Nolan/

Kings Defense:

  • D1 = Scuderi-Doughty
  • D2 = Mitchell-Voynov
  • D3 = Martinez-Greene/

Oilers Forwards:

  • L1 = Hemsky-Gagner-Hartikainen
  • L2 = Smyth-Nugent-Hopkins-Eberle
  • L3 = Jones-Horcoff-Petrell
  • L4 = Eager-Belanger-Hordichuk/

Oilers Defense:

  • D1 = Barker-Sutton
  • D2 = Whitney-Shultz
  • D3 = Rodney-Teubert/

I get the line combos from Left Wing Lock.
In addition, I'll also create some chart's that will take the H2H link above and try to make it more easily digestible by breaking it down into pie charts.
This is useful in looking at what kind of match-ups the coaches were going for and also to use with the chart at the top. So when you see that Kopitar's line had a 66.9% you can see what kind of competition that came against.
If you'd like to take a look at them CLICK HERE.