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Building a 6-country lineup of former Kings players

I think I’ve beaten DownGoesBrown at his own game.

Please stop making me know things about Brooks Laich’s sex life

I have never wanted to know less about a topic than this.

Kings vs. Blue Jackets: Three Questions

In anticipation of tonight's matchup, Dan P. gives us the scoop on Columbus. What's going on with JJ? How about Anisimov, Dubinsky, and Bobrovsky?

Teubert interview [video]

Why Teddy Purcell isn't a Los Angeles King

PURCELL!!!!! (2.0)


Nice ESPN piece on our old friend Teddy

Ex-King Fredrik Modin retires

Explain to me how this is possible:

Teddy Purcell scores game-winner, 2 points in ECF game 1

No Fro Don't Go 2.0

Bernier v. Ersberg at Worlds


Nolov Molov Frolov

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Still-Active Ex-Kings!