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What the Fancy Stats Say About the Los Angeles Kings Season

Where the Kings are thus far and where they might be going.

GM 2016-2017: So You Want to Add a Defenseman

With just one playoff win in two years and most fingers pointing at the defense, maybe the market is the answer.

Shell Game: Defensive Pairs for Next Season

The Kings defensive pairs were probably not optimal this past year. How do we get back?

2015-2016 Defense in Restrospect: Oh No, a Lead!

Give a King a lead, help him for that game. Teach him to hold a lead, help him for the season.

Kings-Sharks Series Preview: Possession Impacts

The Kings are very good at outattempting their opponents. Does that apply to the Sharks, too?

Consistent Performances: A Recipe for Success?

The Kings put up reliably good performances and are probably the most consistent team in the NHL outside of goaltending. How do other top contenders look?

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Evaluating the Kings' Two Most Misunderstood D-men

How do Robyn Regehr and Jake Muzzin affect the Kings' play based on where they start?

Which Kings Defensemen Get Their Shots Through?

Are guys like Doughty, Muzzin, and Martinez getting their shots where they need to go?

The Improved Kings Penalty Kill

Is it here to stay?

NHL on Past, Present & Future of #EnhancedStats

The NHL credits past and current #FancyStats research...mostly. And in the future, what areas is the NHL focusing on for its "Enhanced Stats" section?

NHL Innovation Event: The Dawn of Enhanced Stats

New stats, same as the old stats? A clean new presentation and a prominent new placement, though.

Stats Breakdown: The Homestand vs. The Road Trip

What changed for the Kings? Not as much as you might think.

Pearson-Carter-Toffoli and Sustainability

Pearson-Carter-Toffoli won't keep this up, but the rest of the Kings will start scoring

2014 Season Review: Tyler Toffoli

2014 Season Review: Robyn Regehr

2014 Season Review: Jake Muzzin

Season Review: Scoring Chances

Which Kings persevered against the difficult circumstances of being a King to actually produce offense?

Season Review: Zone Entries

See just which Kings carried the water for the team this season.

Will Fast Players Like Gaborik Age Worse?

Marian Gaborik, Matt Greene, and hockey player aging.

Quantifying Marian Gaborik's Power Play Impact

He's made things better!

2014 Stanley Cup Final Preview: Underlying Numbers

So what's the deal with these teams anyway.

The Emergence of Jake Muzzin

At some point Jake Muzzin became a very good hockey player and I'm not sure any of us actually saw it happen.

CHI-LAK Preview: Underlying Numbers

This should be a fantastic series.

LA/ANH Preview: Chances and Entries

SPOILER ALERT: Anaheim sucks

Five Truths About Five Games

These are the facts.

Kings Sharks Playoff Preview: Underlying Numbers

What's it been like when these two teams have met so far this season?

How have the Kings continued their winning ways?

Ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain

Entries, Chances, and more from the past week!

Spoiler Alert: the Kings own

The Kings are playing very good hockey.

And we have the facts to prove it.

Does Ryan Callahan Make Sense for the Kings?

The Rangers are going to trade their captain. Should LA want him?

Should the Kings Acquire Andrew MacDonald?

The Islanders defenseman has been linked to the Kings. Is he worth trading for?

Quarter Season Review: Chances and Entries

How have the Kings gone about their hot start?