Fight to the End: Kings 2, Rangers 1

How many people were expecting the Los Angeles Kings to grab another win last night against the New York Rangers? Probably not too many, but win they did with a stressful last two minutes of regulation to boot. Overall this team is looking strong in virtually every facet of their play. I can't really pinpoint anything that I'd call a weakness. For instance, last season I would have said, "They need to work on their passing, faceoffs, power play, and penalty kill." This season things are looking good and I'm pretty much happy with almost every game. As of this win the Kings are on a seven-game winning streak and it's February! How great is that!

Anze Kopitar notched his 24th goal of the season shorthanded and Ryan Smyth got the game winner off a sweet pass from Dustin Brown. The Kings were playing confidently until a certain Marian Gaborik stepped up to the back door and scored off a lateral pass from Erik Christiansen. The Kings spent the rest of the game trying to maintain control over themselves and the puck to almost no avail but they pulled off the win. You know, if Jarret Stoll could have just won that last draw cleanly, I wouldn't be discussing this right now. That being said, even though he didn't win the draw, he fought like hell to fend off the opposing Rangers. Thank you, Jarret Stoll.

Awesomely, Jonathan Quick earned his 32nd win of the season, which ties him with Martin Brodeur for most wins. Did you hear that correctly? Let me say it again. Tied with MARTIN BRODEUR. That's not something you can say everyday. Let's hurry and live it up because I don't want to break my own heart when we can't say that anymore (a.k.a. in 12 hours.