Free Agency Update: Kings Among Eleven Teams Interested in Shane Doan

Shane Doan had set a deadline of Monday, July 9th to decide whether or not to field offers from other teams.

Will the ownership situation be clear by then? Here's a report from the Arizona Republic:

Bross and Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney speak almost daily. Doan had set a deadline for Monday to make a decision, but that could change as the team's ownership issues grows more complicated.

Monday is the day Glendale said signatures are due for a petition to make potential owner Greg Jamison's lease agreement a referendum on the November ballot. However, organizers now say they have until July 16 to submit the signatures.

Further clouding resolution is a sales-tax initiative petition recently presented to the city to make it a referendum on the November ballot. The fear is if the tax hike doesn't go through, the city might not be able to finance the Jamison deal.

In the meantime, his agent has been busy. Eleven teams are reportedly after Shane Doan. The Kings, the Rangers, and the Red Wings appear to be the most prominent suitors.

Whether or not he leaves Phoenix, the 35 year old captain is going to have leverage to get whatever kind of contract he wants.