Frolov denies saying that Avery said what Avery previously denied saying he said

Frolov says interview misquoted him, denies saying Sean Avery used racial slurs | New York Daily News

In Germany as he trains for the upcoming KHL season [...], Frolov was stunned to learn that he had caused such a stir with words that he did not say. "I didn’t have a chance to read the article," Frolov told the Daily News by phone. "[...] They asked me about Aves and I said he’s a friend of mine and a really nice guy. What I said was that he, in the past, used to have problems where he could say something, but he’s a really nice person and good friend of mine." [...] [The] interview with Frolov [...]  saying that Avery "called opponents ‘black monkeys.’" Frolov vehemently denied having said that. "I didn’t say anything about Aves calling someone bad language – I was saying he’s really emotional and that in the past he could say the wrong thing," Frolov told The News. "It wasn’t particularly about black people. He doesn’t have anything against black people. I mean, he’s a nice person, and he wouldn’t say something bad about black people or Asian people or any kind of people. It’s some kind of misunderstanding."