From Don Brennan @ The Ottawa Sun: Dany Heatley is a Spoiled Sniveling Suck-Hole

It took more than a dozen weeks for the spoiled, snivelling suck hole to grant the media minions he looks at down his nose and the faithful fans who pay his salary a full 15 minutes of his precious summer Friday.

When he did finally complete a weak attempt at clearing the stench that hovers over his trade demands, Dany Heatley had somehow managed to shave even more layers off his eroding star.

You did yourself and the Senators more harm than good with Friday’s conference call, Dany Boy.

In retrospect, you should have kept your yap shut.

Since word leaked — and really, who the hell cares how it got out? — that Heatley wanted to be moved, most everybody’s reaction has been the same.

Surely, it’s not just about ice time. Surely, it’s not just about how much of a power play he works. The Senators are improving under their new, no-name coach. That’s what matters, right? Surely, there’s something else, something personal causing Heatley to sully his reputation so badly.

Well, Friday he had the chance to do a little repairing. All he had to say was "there’s something else, something personal." There would have been no follow-up questions. Do reporters ever ask him how he’s dealing with the death of Dan Snyder? No.

He wouldn’t have had to elaborate had he a "personal" card to play. But he didn’t, because he couldn’t. There is nothing else.

This is all about what he calls his "diminished role."

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Oh, yes, and what a hot, steaming load of crap, too.

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