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From Fantasy Hockey Forums/DobberHockey: preempting a possible Frolov to KHL in 2010 rumor

Interesting tidbit on a Frolov interview in Russian, translated by the often hilarious but rarely nuanced Google Translator:

So, the headline of this, which most people in North America will see, in the translated version, is “Frolov: I am ready to [sic] proposals from Russia.” This is bound to stir up rumors of a possible defection. [But it’s also a] sensationalization of what he actually says in the interview, which google translate does a poor job on.

In the second to last question, he is asked “don’t you have a desire to come back to Russia?”. His response is: “I won’t bail on my contract like, for example, Radulov. But, in principle, I am willing to listen to offers. We’ll see what the future brings.”

Earlier in the interview, however, the interviewer asks, “don’t you want to go to a more competitive team at the end of your contract next year?’ He responds: “Negotiations haven’t started yet. The NHL is unpredictable – its a business and you never know what management will decide.”

“But every year I’ve had a greater desire to make the playoffs with LA in particular. It means a lot to rise from the bottom with the team with which you’ve debuted.”

If people in North America pick up on this interview, it is very likely they’ll pick up on the former and disregard the latter. But given that the interview was in Russia, the former seems like lip service and the latter suggests his intention is to stay in LA and in the NHL.

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