From Cammalleri runs screaming from new coach's defensive system (according to me, not Sportsnet; they just say he's bolting from Calgary, but I think my headline is more accurate)

Barring a sudden development, it appears Calgary Flames forward Mike Cammalleri will not sign a new contract with the club and will put his services on the open market when the free agent signing period begins July 1.

Cammalleri's agent, Ian Pulver told Sportsnet Thursday, talks between Calgary and his client have grinded to a halt leading into the NHL draft this weekend in Montreal.

"There doesn't seem to be a strong indication there’s a deal to be made prior to July 1," said Pulver. "Mike's prepared to start a new chapter in his career."

Okay, so for everyone who thought it was a mistake to trade Cammalleri and somehow blamed the Kings for not being good enough for "Cammy" to want to stay, whereas in Calgary he would be playing for a winner and blah blah blah... Cammalleri didn't re-sign with Calgary for the same reason he wouldn't have re-signed with the Kings. He's all about the money. If he weren't, he would stay in Calgary, which arguably has as good a chance at the Cup as the rest of the top third of the league.

There is virtually no doubt in my mind that he will end up at a worse team than the Flames. The only question is, will he get anything approaching the $6.5MM he wanted from DL two years ago in arbitration. He might. But I wouldn't be sad if he shot himself in the foot.

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