From (the great) Matthew Barry: I Loved All The Things That DIDN'T Happen!

1) Tavares - So Dreger and the Union Leader and almost everyone else on XM204 was saying Duchene was going first - THAT didn't happen and it didn't seem like there was ever any doubt it was Tavares.

Dreger -- so plugged in, and yet...

2) Brian Burke's failure to move up - yes, he good a great draft pick and that was a CLASSIC sound byte of him telling Bryan Murray "we're taking your guy" - but what I loved even more was the look on his face when the Kings took Schenn.

What's extra funny was that it was obvious even before I heard about the sound byte that this is exactly what he was doing. You don't usually get a quote -- much less an exact quote -- and MUCH MUCH less a sound byte of an exact quote -- of what would normally be a "photoshop a caption" moment. Also, I agree completely, the shot of Burke after Schenn was selected was like a Saturday Night Live parody.

3) As Ek mentioned, JayBo didn't move - Vinny didn't move - Jack Johnson and Alex Frolov are still Kings. Every time Bettman said "we have a trade" it was for draft picks. THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE - It was about the DRAFT and not trading players.

4) Flyers fans weren't given a box of chocolates after being used, abused, and pounded like a slab of veal. FOUR first round picks???? FOUR for Pronger???? That's just NUTS!!!!! The price just went UP, UP, UP on Heater and every other talented player. If you're going to pay 4 1st rounders for a guy with 1 year left on his contract and will be on the other side of 35, what's Heater and Gaborik and Hossa and all of the others worth?

I don't think it's going to inflate anything, for the simple reason that, in Heatley's case, Murray is over a barrel, and the UFAs have to find someone with cap room, which is a rare commodity and getting rarer all the time. Also, to state the obvious, Philly is (probably) out of the UFA market.

Okay, okay, take it easy, I know Lupul was a complete salary dump and I'll be so happy not to see Prongers stupid grin in the West anymore, but still, Sbisa and 2 first rounders is still a serious price to pay - Now, tell me, now that you ADDED a million dollars to payroll, who gets dumped next?

At least six million worth of somebody.

via - Matthew Barry - I Loved All The Things That DIDN'T Happen! .