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Funny Ha Ha

NHL 2115

Previewing the upcoming release from EA Sports.

LEAKED: Kings Internal Discussions

The Kings have had a really interesting go of things over the past several years. Thankfully, JFTC gained valuable insight into the process!

It's Time to Cheer Against the Ducks

This is a public safety announcement.

A Very Kings Christmas

What do your favorite (or least favorite) players want for Christmas?

Crazy Kings Valentines: From Sutter with love

Hearts and smooches from Sutter, Nicholls, Penner, and Lombardi.

A Slobberknocker Between Bettman and Fehr

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman drops some truth bombs on NHLPA player's representative Donald Fehr. It gets real, yo!

CBA Update: No Progress. 5 Stages Of Lockout Grief

The five stages of lockout grief – and the latest round of CBA meetings – in links and tweets.

"Uh...I went forehand": Watch Anze Kopitar Crack Jonathan Quick Up

Video of a lighthearted moment in the post-game press conference, when a reporter is a bit confused on the details of the game winner.

Hilarious Kings Infographic Educates Local TV Reporters About Players, Pucks, 45 Year Residence in LA

Local TV reporters get confused about how many touchdowns Brad Doty scored in "ice ball." Good thing our witty Kings employees are here to help.

League agrees with McLellan, orders Game One to be replayed without Stoll

Quick: "It's no secret that I have mind control."

"Murray-Go-Round"? Genius.

Oh, spit!

Priceless Bloopery Fun with Heidi, Dewey, Greener, Brownie, Kopi, Potsy, Booger and Dinglebarn!

Re-live the magic: Nucks Misconduct play-by-play

The Big Jar: Updated Pronunciations from My Six Year Old