Game 1 of the Sutter Era Preview: High and Low

We've discussed how the team as a whole is shooting well below average, and that it's more likely they will hit the net more often going forward. Here's a breakdown of who's above and below their career averages.

Likely to cool off

So few Kings fall in the 'hot' category, this list is short.

Davis Drewiske: Scoring two goals on nine shots, he is sporting a gaudy 22.2%. That's well above elite snipers. (Nobody tell him that.)

Slava Voynov: 12.9%. We have no career average, but that rate is unusually high for defensemen, who shoot from farther out.

Jack Johnson: Currently 7.4%, career average 5.5%. Not too high, but a bit over.

Mike Richards: Currently 17.5%, career average 11.7%. The goal-per-game streak right before his injury boosted that quickly.

Likely to heat up

Dustin Penner: Currently 4.8%, down 8% from career average. Now that he's fully recovered, things are turning around.

Kyle Clifford: 3.7%, down 6.5%

Jarret Stoll: 4.4%, down 5%

Drew Doughty: 3.6%, down 4%. The shooting percentage of his teammates while he's on the ice is also ridiculously low. Expect a rebound in goals and assists.

Brad Richardson: 2.7%, down 4.3%

Simon Gagne: 9.7%, down 3.1%

Dustin Brown: 7.6%, down 2.4%

Anze Kopitar: 10.1, down 2%

So there you have it. The team as a whole hasn't been getting the bounces and finishing anywhere close to last year's rate, but it's not likely to continue. Frustration probably started to fester. At the very least, the Kings should feel the optimism in a fresh start.