Game Day #67 - Kings-Leafs Preview

Los Angeles Kings v Toronto Maple Leafs (Staples Center)

Time: 7:30 PM

TV: TSN, Fox Sports West

Enemy reading: Leafs Nation, PPP

Leafs (projected) lineup:

van Riemsdyk-Bozak-Kessel



Injured: Dave Bolland, Peter Holland; Scratched: Colton Orr, Trevor Smith, Frazer McLaren

Kings (projected) lineup:




Injured: n/a; Scratched: Matt Greene, Tanner Pearson

Game Notes:

  • I have no idea what the Leafs lines will be, actually. I just made up some predictions based on the lines they rolled against the Sharks and also the rumour that Peter Holland is out with some sort of flu.
  • And by "the lines they rolled", I mean "the formation in which they rolled over and died". Not much else to say - they got out-worked in a way which would have been hilarious if it hadn't been so pitiable. It was like watching a hundred duck-sized horses fight...well, two duck-sized horses. And then one of those lil duck-sized horses turned on the other one. It was positively Euripidean.
  • Do you feel bad for the Leafs yet? Would it help if I told you that the Leafs brain trust saw that hit, then sent James van Riemsdyk back into a game they were losing 5-1, with ten minutes left? Fuck those jerks. They're going down. We want nine! We want nine!
  • Here is a link to Dustin Brown and Drew Doughty talking about their winning streak. As I'm sure you know, a ninth straight win tonight will tie the Kings' franchise record for wins, which might also be just a tad Euripidean, but whatever. We want nine!!
  • My head says that the Leafs will be sensible and stick to only playing, well, actual hockey players. But my heart hopes they throw in both Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren and then we can all giggle and I'll get to be warm and roast marshmallows while the Leafs fans here in Toronto set everything on fire. What a delight. (Juuuuust kidding: they'll be asleep. Much like most of the voting members of the PHWA. Please help fund my Kickstarter, Selke Justice 4 Anze Kopitar.)
  • It's been so long since the Kings played that I genuinely don't remember what happened in the game against the Flames. I think they were...not amazing? But decent enough to get the win? Does that sound right? I remember a pretty lacklustre game, understandable given that the Kings were on the second half of a road back-to-back. I know that doesn't justify giving up a goal to noted sniper Brian McGrattan, but let's put that behind us and join together to laugh at the Ducks for losing in hilarious fashion to the Flames last night. The transitive property applies in hockey, right?
  • The last Kings game against the Leafs was a possession disaster, but they got very lucky, and managed a win despite the Leafs visibly being the better team. Realistically speaking, that's not particularly likely to happen again tonight. That being said, the Leafs are certainly going to be ~motivated~ tonight, after getting trounced by the Sharks. Also, I hear Phil Kessel is pretty good, so my advice to the Kings is...don't let Phil Kessel score.
  • #FreeTannerPearson. I have done my part.
  • Marian Gaborik watch: Gaborik has seven shots and no points in three games. His puck possession numbers continue to be underwhelming (relative to the Kings' lofty standards), but the entire top line wasn't particularly stellar in Calgary, and I haven't seen anything to make me doubt that Gaborik will settle in nicely with the Kings.
  • ~Fun With Numbers~ from Extra Skater. Two teams, not at all alike in equal dignity. In fair Los Angeles, where we lay our - okay, I'll stop. The point is, the Leafs are bad and they should feel bad and please please please play Colton Orr. I want this maybe even more than I want a pony.
  • Prediction: Kings win 3-2, and I continue to just not care at all about Jonathan Bernier. (I invite you to join me.)