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Game Day Stats & Discussion Thread: Los Angeles Kings @ Calgary Flames

Still looking for that first win.

Calgary Flames v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images

Just the Facts

It is game two! These numbers are meaningless! Here they are anyway!

Kings vs. Flames

Los Angeles Kings Stats Calgary Flames
Los Angeles Kings Stats Calgary Flames
0-1-0 (0 pts) Record 1-1-0 (2 pts)
20.0% (18th) Power Play % 25.0% (T-12th)
60.0% (T-28th) Penalty Kill % 83.3% (14th)
5.00 (1st) Goals For/Game 3.00 (T-15th)
6.00 (31st) Goals Against/Game 2.50 (T-9th)
32.0 (T-12th) Shots For/Game 30.0 (22nd)
31.0 (T-10th) Shots Against/Game 33.0 (T-22nd)
Gaudreau (5) Points Leader Kopitar (3)
Gaudreau, Monahan (2) Goals Leader Kopitar, 4 others (1)
Gaudreau (3) Assists Leader Kopitar, Clifford (2)

Are there other fancy stats numbers that you’d like to see in these charts? Leave us a comment and we’ll see what we can add.

Helpful Links

Game Preview

The Opposition: Matchsticks & Gasoline

Discussion Questions

  1. How much air time is going to be devoted to the ongoing Doughty/Tkachuk feud?
  2. If you say Tkachuk out loud three times into a mirror, does his dad appear in the room?
  3. Odds on whether or not the Kings used up all their goals for the week in that Edmonton game?