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Game Day Stats & Discussion Thread: Carolina Hurricanes @ Los Angeles Kings

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Just the Facts

Kings vs. Hurricanes

Los Angeles Kings Stats Carolina Hurricanes
Los Angeles Kings Stats Carolina Hurricanes
2-3-0 (4 pts) Record 5-1-0 (10 pts)
12.5% (25th) Power Play % 25.0% (T-12th)
56.3% (31st) Penalty Kill % 77.8% (T-20th)
4.00 (T-4th) Goals For/Game 3.83 (10th)
5.20 (31st) Goals Against/Game 2.67 (T-9th)
37.4 (2nd) Shots For/Game 37.0 (3rd)
30.6 (9th) Shots Against/Game 31.2 (T-12th)
Kopitar (8) Points Leader Hamilton, Svechnikov (8)
Doughty, Brown (3) Goals Leader Haula (5)
Kopitar (6) Assists Leader Svechnikov (7)

Helpful Links

Game Preview

The Opposition: Canes Country

Discussion Questions

  1. Are you as sad about Justin Williams not playing as I am?
  2. Isn’t it about time he come back to LA and like, I don’t know, join Jarret Stoll on the broadcast or something?
  3. Maybe Willie Mitchell can come down and be a special guest, I don’t know, just throwing out ideas here.
  4. If the Hurricanes were at home, what storm surge celebration would they do when they inevitably win this game?
  5. Jack Campbell starts. If he wins, do we have a full blown Goalie Controversy on our hands?
  6. Justin Williams. That is all.