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Game Day Stats & Discussion Thread: Los Angeles Kings @ St. Louis Blues

Both teams have four wins! That’s nice.

St. Louis Blues v Los Angeles Kings

Just the Facts

Los Angeles Kings Stats St. Louis Blues
Los Angeles Kings Stats St. Louis Blues
4-5-0 (8 pts, 7th in Pacific) Record 4-2-3 (11 pts, 3rd in Central)
11.1% (27th) Power Play % 18.5% (18th)
75.8% (22nd) Penalty Kill % 85.2% (8th)
3.00 (T-13th) Goals For/Game 3.00 (T-13th)
3.78 (30th) Goals Against/Game 3.22 (T-17th)
38.0 (1st) Shots For/Game 29.7 (24th)
28.0 (2nd) Shots Against/Game 30.1 (7th)
Kopitar (10) Points Leader Tarasenko (10)
Kopitar (4) Goals Leader Schenn (6)
Kopitar (6) Assists Leader Tarasenko (7)

Helpful Links

Game Preview

The Opposition: St. Louis Game Time

Discussion Questions

  1. Remember that time the Kings defeated the Blues who responded by immediately firing their coach? Good times.
  2. Is Nikolai Prokhorkin, like, actually real? Just checking.
  3. Is tonight the night that Blake Lizotte finally scores a goal? (This may remain question #3 until such time as he scores a goal. Don’t @ me, or whatever the kids say.)