Giddy Up, Reporters, There's A Plane to Catch: Darryl Sutter's Fast-Forward Q&A

Some may have found Darryl Sutter's press conference last night a little...odd. But there's one key to understanding it all: his team is set to head off for the long, weary flight back for LA the second they're done.

There's a really long night still ahead. His team needs rest. So you'll forgive him if he just tries to fast forward through this whole press conference thing altogether.

Never a man of many words--"laconic" might sum him up best--the farmer from Alberta doles out even shorter replies than usual. Then, barely three minutes in, he starts to herd the reporters like cattle.

"Kay, we got to hustle, you guys. Our bus is leaving here at midnight, so get them players over here and let’s get movin'." After a bit of back and forth about the timing of the next day's Q&A, he pleads: "Heck, we’re not going to get home – it’s already tomorrow—it’s almost tomorrow…"

But one reporter doesn't want to set him free. He wants to ask about Doughty's goal again.

Sutter cuts him off with an even shorter recap than the one he delivered moments before: "GREAT PLAY, COAST TO COAST, 200 FT GOAL, win or lose highlight reel play. Right?" Right. And he bolts.

Somehow, this never comes off like Tortorella's impatience. Maybe because he's curt but amiable. "I've just got a job to do, okay?" And he does it.