(GIF) Joe Thornton Knees Dustin Brown

We've got three angles for you... check em out.

The Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks have played a hell of a playoff series so far. The intensity has been high, and the animosity this year is even more apparent than it was in last year's Western Conference Semifinals. A great deal of that animosity stems from the knee-on-knee collision between Dustin Brown and Tomas Hertl, which kept Hertl off the ice for three months and kept Brown squarely in the crosshairs of Sharks fans and players.

Well, in the first period, Joe Thornton did this:


We all know that Dustin Brown has a tendency to dive, maybe he was embellishing it...


Okay, so it's solid contact. But you can't really tell whether Thornton stuck his knee out...



Thornton was penalized two minutes for kneeing, though he made sure to skate past Brown and yell at him (presumably for embellishing the contact) before going to the box. Given that it's the playoffs, it's unlikely that anything will come of this incident, but... boy. How interesting.