Glass Half Full: Lombardi confident Doughty will sign by training camp

Glass Half Empty: "I still feel confident" ... "still?" As in, even though there's no deal and no progress to report and it's September?

Doughty contract talks continue " LA Kings Insider
[...] talks continued today but there’s no indication that a deal is imminent in the next few days. In a quick phone conversation today, Dean Lombardi said, "It’s safe to say we’ve talked the last couple days, and we’ll just continue to try to work through it. … I still feel confident that this is going to get done (before the start of training camp)."

Of all the commenters who (in our little contest, weeks ago) made predictions re Drew Doughty's eventual signing date, only three thought it would go into September, and one of those three was me. I wonder if he'll sign in two days and make me look like a f---ing genius; or will September 2 in retrospect look like wishful thinking? It feels like it already.